Hello and Welcome.


My name is Michael Szajewski and I am a member of the Rotary Club of Kenora.  Several years ago I was approached by our Club to develop software to manage our TV Auction.   This project morphed to the internet and become a full platform for managing online auctions.  Since then I have used it with more than 15 community/service groups that have hosted more than 50 auctions.

I am very pleased to offer this platform to the Rotary Clubs of District 5550.  

Key Facts

  • I am providing the software to your Club free of charge.  I will not charge any fees at any time.
  • There is no software to purchase, download or install.  It is 100% browser-based and will work across most modern platforms.
  • It incorporates a minimalistic design.  This site runs Community Auctions.  It does one thing and does it well.
  • It has been designed to maximize security and minimize risk. 

How It Works

The auction process is quite simple:

  • Your Club collects items for the auction
  • Your Committee enters the items into the auction
  • Your Club promotes the auction
  • Community members place bids on the items
  • When bidding on an item closes, the person with the highest bid wins the item
  • When the auction closes the system will send an invoice to all successful bidders
  • Your Club sets a location, date, and time for pickup 
  • Successful bidders pay for and pick up their items
  • Your Club decides how to invest the funds you have raised

Next Steps

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